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52 Years After the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

By Paul Schrade, a close friend and associate of Robert F. Kennedy, who was seriously wounded during RFK's assassination.

52 years ago today, Robert F. Kennedy was murdered, one of four major assassinations in the 1960s that changed the course of American history. These four unsolved murders prove that our justice system is tragically corrupted at the local and national level; justice is still being denied to these four victims, their families and our nation by those in positions of power. The conviction and death penalty for Sirhan Bishara Sirhan by Los Angeles authorities was decided with no forensic gun, bullet nor witness evidence that he had murdered Robert Kennedy. According to Los Angeles Coroner Thomas Noguchi, Robert F. Kennedy was murdered by a bullet shot at point blank range from behind, while Sirhan’s gun was always in front and, according to the witnesses, never closer than two feet.

Sirhan did fire his gun wounding me and four others with 5 of the 8 bullets shot from his gun that night. I was facing Sirhan and was hit from the front. Robert Kennedy was also facing Sirhan but was shot from behind with 4 bullets. A recording from that night indicated that 13 bullets were fired, and bullet holes discovered in door frames and other adjacent spots were ignored. These facts prove that there had to be a second gunman. To cover up the real murderer of Robert Kennedy, they sent Sirhan to die in the gas chamber, which was later reduced to an unjust life sentence which he is still serving. The scientific evidence as well as LAPD and FBI records provide conclusive proof that a second gunman committed the murder of RFK but they still refuse to identify or charge him after 52 years. This is a national and local issue that requires action now to solve the crime and bring justice to the case.

Learn more about Paul Schrade's recollection of that fateful night here:


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