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We’re pleased to begin recommending important books that provide background and insight into the assassinations of JFK, MLK, Malcolm X and RFK.




JFK and the Unspeakable

James Douglass

TRC board member

A powerful and insightful book that tells the story of JFK’s evolution and search for peace and justice especially during the last year of his life. Deeply researched and well-written, it poignantly explains how JFK’s struggles against entrenched forces resulted in his assassination. It’s the only book touching on the assassination that Kennedy friend and speechwriter Ted Sorenson read and recommended to friends and associates.

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David Talbot

TRC Chairman Emeritus, co-founder of and San Francisco journalist

Talbot offers unique insight into the collaboration between JFK and RFK, JFK’s resistance to bellicose forces in the military and intelligence community, attempts to limit economic manipulation by corporations from steel to oil, bring corrupt mafia and union leaders to justice and more led to JFK’s assassination. It also explores how RFK’s pursuit of the forces behind his brother’s murder contributed to his own assassination.

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Beyond JFK

Filmed in 1991, Beyond JFK was finally broadcast in 2013. It was directed by Barbara Kopple and Danny Schechter and features actors, journalists and investigators discussing the likely conspiracy and cover-up of the JFK assassination: Kevin Costner, Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Carl Oglesby, Jim Lesar, Jim Marrs, Walter Cronkite, Robert MacNeil, among others.

Who Killed MLK?

This 1989 BBC documentary is an overview of the story of the King assassination and questions the official version. It features interviews with many key witnesses such as James Earl Ray, researchers like Phil Melanson and Harold Weisberg, attorneys Percy Foreman and William Pepper, government officials and news media.

FIRING LINE: Allard Lowenstein on Robert F. Kennedy (1975)

This 1975 discussion features anti-war and civil rights activist, former Congressman, Allard Lowenstein. Lowenstein began an awakening after appearing on Nixon’s enemies list. He thought back to earlier tampering in his Congressional races and other activities by the FBI and began to suspect what he initially refused to even consider; ie the government may have been involved in the assassination and/or cover-up of RFK. His attempts to reopen the case were blocked at every turn by the LAPD and California officials.

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Online resources for research and documentation about the assassinations:

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