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JULY 28, 2019

The JFK assassination is one of the most widely investigated -- yet paradoxically poorly understood -- major events in American history. The reason for this is willful blindness, ignorance and self-interest in carrying the preferred narrative. Shocking fact: The corporate media’s claims on this consistently run counter to what an army of experts of all kinds have actually found. On almost every front, when the public is presented with established facts, from FBI interviews, documents, testimony, it concludes that Kennedy was the victim of an organized operation, not a “lone nut.” (Thus it was entirely consistent with long-standing, documented and well-known US policy of supporting the violent removal of world leaders who were seen as not in line with establishment views, goals and priorities.)

However, members of the working press, like university professors and other so-called “experts”, have been for half a century under pressure to promote the “official story” that was put out by the government right from the start. There never was any intent to seriously investigate what happened. A premium was placed on preserving order, keeping the public calm, and making sure the system churned on. This is not only true of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Many major events, including the assassinations of other leading individuals, were also swept under the rug. That this happened, and is still covered up more than half a century later, reminds us that all is not well in America. Unless the truth is known about how we got where we are today, we cannot truly claim to be in control of our destiny.

The compulsory "lone nut" ideology, applied after every single assassination or assassination attempt against a prominent American,  is as blatantly false -- and yet as feverishly embraced by the media and academic establishments -- as climate change denial by the fossil fuel lobby.

A Truth & Reconciliation Committee, composed of a broad and diverse group of historians, authors, researchers, and public figures, aims to address this crisis, specifically calling for the reopening of investigations into the JFK, MLK Jr., Malcolm X and RFK assassinations,


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